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Migration Checklist for Office 365

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Before Migration

  1. Training Opportunities
    View available training resources on the training page.
  2. Signature
    Save your signature content to easily recreate it in Office 365.
  3. Email Rules and Filters (UCS Migrations Only)
    Document all rules or filters you use in your email and want to continue using.
  4. Calendar Subscriptions and Sharing
    Make a note of any calendars you subscribe to along with who your calendar is shared with and any delegated access.
  5. Week of Migration
    Print a copy of your agenda for the week of migration.
  6. Local Mail Application
    Empty your junk folder and trash to speed up moving your email.
  7. Expedite Migration
    Personalize your Office 365 web experience.
  8. Web Browser
    Upgrade your web browser(s) to the latest version to smoothly run Office 365 applications.
  9. UCS Briefcase (UCS Migrations Only)
    If you have data stored or shared with others in the briefcase function on UCS, download those files then upload them to OneDrive or SharePoint in Office 365
  10. Registry Fix
    If you are a Windows user, you may need to run the registry fix script located in Box and restart your computer. Your local IT will provide guidelines for your unit.
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Please do not move messages or folders until after migration has completed.

(UCS Migrations Only) Some preferences and elements from your calendar and email may not migrate, including: folder color coding, flags, categories, filters, briefcases, and meeting ownership. Please do not move messages or folders until after migration has completed. You will retain access to UCS for sixty days post migration to ensure you can save and move all of your settings and information.

During Migration

  1. Migration Timeline
    Your migration process will be completed between 4:30 p.m., on your initial migration day, and 8:00 a.m. the following morning. You can continue to use your devices throughout the migration process and start using Office 365 as soon as you are given access.
  2. Email Migration Speed
    Migration speed can be influenced by mailbox size, number of emails along network speed and capacity. If you have a large mailbox, or folders, your migration may take longer to complete.
  3. Getting Email Online
    The Outlook Web Application will be available immediately once you gain access to Office 365. This means that at approximately 5:00 p.m. on your migration day, you will receive new emails and calendar event invites through your Office 365 email. Those can be accessed at As the migration continues, you will see your old emails, folders, calendar entries, and contacts begin to appear in Outlook.
  4. Receiving Email in Outlook
    Your email address will automatically be forwarded to Office 365 from your previous email account.
  5. Migration
    You will receive a confirmation email in your Office 365 account when your migration is complete.

How do I access Office 365?

Using your Access Account user ID and password, visit Penn State’s Office 365 login page.

After Migration

  1. Language and Time Zone
    Learn how to change your language and time zone as needed.
  2. Sharing Calendar
    Re-share your calendar with colleagues, or assign delegate access.
  3. Recreate Calendar
    Follow the steps to recreate your calendar, tasks, and assign any colors or categories you previously had.
  4. Reorganize Email
    Learn how to recreate rules or filters to help organize your email. If you are not seeing all of your messages, select the arrow to the left of the folder.
  5. Office 365 On the Go
    Visit the Knowledge Base to learn how to configure your Apple iOS device or Android device with Office 365 mobile applications. Visit Microsoft support to learn how to configure other device(s).
  6. Local Mail Application
    If you would like, setup your device’s local mail application to receive email through Office 365.
  7. Personalize
    Personalize your Office 365 web experience.
  8. Common Questions Post Migration
    To assist with your transition to Office 365, please reference frequently asked questions after migration.

Helpful Links

Office 365 Training
Office 365 Cheat Sheets
Office 365 Quick Starts
ServiceNow Office 365 Knowledgebase Articles